What package should I pick?

You should choose which package fits your needs the best. We understand that you may not want a facilitator to plan your entire trip. So please choose based on your needs.

How do we pay?

After submission of your information and photos you are sent an automated email that has the same choices available for payment online. PayPal and All major credit cards are accepted.

Am I paying for more than quotes?

Yes, we are the individuals located here in Colombia that will personally investigate and review the surgeons credentials and certifications for your, speak with the surgeons to show them your photos & information and explain the details of your needs to receive proper quotes and the doctors recommendations on your behalf. With our VIP package you receive our services to book every part of your trip, stay and aftercare.

How long does the process take?

This depends on when your payment is made. We typically provide responses and quotes within 24 to 72 hours after payment is made. For planning and VIP services we may need a few more days to ensure everything is properly booked and scheduled.

Is package payment added towards the balance of the procedure?

No. These are the base fees for our services and providing you the personalized experience directly from Colombia via English & Spanish speaking professionals.

Is there a discount available?

In some cases where patients travel in groups we offer discounts at our Recovery Condos here that are all-inclusive. Just ask us when our representatives speak with you and we will see what we can do!